Indonesia Secures seat on UN Human Rights Body

“Indonesia returns to the United Nations Human Rights Council for a fifth time after winning the most votes in the Asia-Pacific region in a secret ballot” -Jakarta Post

Despite countless gross violations of Human Rights, Indonesia has won top vote to secure a seat at UN Human Rights Council and will serve as the council member starting in January 2020.

Indonesia collected the highest vote (174) from the Asia Pacific, surpassing Japan (165) and South Korea,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi in an interview via Whatsapp with Tempo news.

Indonesia secured the highest vote of 174 from 193 countries of the UN members making it the country’s fifth term on the council, the Jakarta Post reported today.

The question running through my mind right now is ‘How is it that a country who has failed miserably to address human rights violations and is known largely for violations and atrocity of Human Rights against its indigenous population is given a pass by the UN plus is given the highest votes of 174 from member countries of the UN to be given the honor to seat at UN Human Rights Council?’

Indonesia as we all know, for the past 50 years has suppressed West Papua’s Human Rights and continues to do so today, it has suppressed West Papua’s rights to freedom of expression, of peaceful assembly and of association continues to be arbitrarily restrictive. Blasphemy provisions were used to imprison those who peacefully exercised their rights to freedom of religion and belief. (Amnesty International) And most importantly the RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION!

Did UN or the member states even for one bit considered Indonesia’s record of violating human rights?
This only shows how ignorant the 174 member states are when they voted for Indonesia to be given a seat at the Human Rights Council, how stupid are these people?

How can one be a Human Rights advocate when you’re constantly violating Human Rights on unspeakable levels?

There should be a criterion for member countries who wish to be part of UN’s functioning bodies such as the Human Rights Council, these countries need to be thoroughly scanned before they are considered for the secret ballot to be a part of UN’s functioning bodies.

Voting Indonesia to the UN Human Rights Council is a slap to the West Papua people and those countries who stand in solidarity with West Papua calling for West Papua’s right to self-determination.

The organization (UN) and its member states have turned a blind eye to the gross violations of Human Rights in West Papua and by the looks of it, won’t be addressing the issue anytime soon.

The United Nations also in its capacity has failed to perform its main role which is to maintain international peace and security, to safeguard human rights and to develop friendly relations among nations on the basis of equality and the principle of self-determination.

The UN Human Rights Council, which is an intergovernmental organ of the UN consists of 47 UN member states and is responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights throughout the world, which includes dealing with situations of human rights violations and making recommendations to address them should only have member countries who have no record of or are not known for violating the human rights of their citizens or other peoples.

The UNHRC’s main function is to investigates allegations of breaches of human rights in UN member states, and addresses important thematic human rights issues such as freedom of association and assembly, freedom of expression, freedom of belief and religion, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and the rights of racial and ethnic minorities (Wikipedia), however, to my knowledge, UNHRC has made no investigations into the current breaches of human rights in West Papua nor has questioned Indonesia for the continuous violations of human rights in the region which are ever worsening.

Earlier this year, we saw Indonesia being condemned by the largest group of independent experts within the UN human rights system for violations of Human Rights, impunity and racism in West Papua.

They also issued a statement calling for ‘those who have committed human rights violations against the indigenous population of Papua’ to be ‘held to account’. But seems to me, The UN isn’t paying attention. They took a step of madness today (18/10/2019) in ensuring Indonesia got a seat AGAIN on the UN Human Rights Council.

Many Pacific Island nations like Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands and Tuvalu who stand or have stood in solidarity with West Papua at UN called out Indonesian human rights abuses in West Papua and seek support for decolonization process. Support for West Papua independence and the genocide has garnered international attention and many around the world are now calling on West Papua independence except for the toothless UN.

On October 11 2019, we saw at least 14,000 plus people in Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby sign a petition calling on the UN to intervene on the human rights abuse and push for a fair referendum for the Melanesian people of West Papua. The petition was presented to the UN Resident Coordinator Gianluca Rampolla on behalf of the West Papua community by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, Oro Governor Gary Juffa, and Reverend Roger Joseph, General Secretary, PNG Council of Churches. The UN Resident Coordinator said to forward it immediately to the UN Headquarters.

Nearly a week after the petition was presented, the suppressor (Indonesia) is given a seat at the UN Human Rights Council, how do we address human rights issues in West Papua when Indonesia is a member of the council and has been for the past four terms?

The UN is weak like its forerunner, the League of Nations and therefore should be disbanded.

2 thoughts on “Indonesia Secures seat on UN Human Rights Body

  1. Joelson Anere September 30, 2020 / 5:04 am

    Indonesia gets a lot of support from the Association of South East Asian Nations, including the Melanesian Spearhead Group, and the Pacific Islands Forum.
    How can we get Indonesia to work with all concerned stakeholders to address these Human Rights violations in West Papua through such powerful regional trading blocks???


  2. Helen Swann December 26, 2020 / 4:34 am

    Free West Papua ✊

    How does Indonesia get a seat in UN when they are in humanely, breaking human rights laws ? How can they be voted for that’s criminals looking after criminals. Hardly lawful 😥💔


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