10 Seater Land Cruiser fitted with Caterpillar tracks spotted in Goroka Town

Now you might ask why someone would want to replace their tires with caterpillar tracks, here’s the reason.

This vehicle obviously belongs to a person from Okapa District in Eastern Highlands Province. Okapa, as most people know, has some of the worst road networks in PNG. With continuous downfalls, the roads turn muddy and the conditions worsen making it hard for vehicles.

You know how it is, the vehicle sinks into the mud and it takes a whole day trying to pull out of the bogged vehicle which eventually spoils some parts of the vehicle.
Tires sink into the mud due to the weight of the vehicle so the smart people there came up with an idea that would make their traveling on these harsh roads easier and not get stuck in the mud when traveling.
They installed caterpillar tracks.

Caterpillar tracks as we all know are famously used by tanks and backhoes, they work on the same principle as a conveyor belt. Vehicles with Caterpillar tracks can move easily over rough terrain because the track makes contact with a wide area of the ground. A car grips the ground with only the bottom portion of four tires, but a vehicle with caterpillar tracks grips it with dozens of feet of track.

Additionally, the caterpillar track has a heavy tread that digs into muddy surfaces thus cannot sink into the mud because the Steel belts enable the vehicle to spread their weight over a larger surface area which exerts a lower force per unit area on the ground., and it never goes flat like a tire. (Wiki)

So there you have it, a caterpillar track unlike a tire can easily pass through mud without sinking and never goes flat.
So to you vehicle owners in rural areas where the road conditions are bad, get yourselves caterpillar tracks and you’ll smoothly drive over that mud you’ve been sinking in for years.