Hiphop and Reggae

Warning: Explicit Content: Only for Hiphop and Reggae fans

Do your favorite singers/rappers encourage you to read and expand your mind, understand the current socioeconomic issues that are affecting you? if not then you better find another who does.

As role your role models/idols, these singers/rappers have the power and ability to influence your lifestyle and development, some of you may not realize it. Your taste in fashion, your lingo, how you think and behave, etc. They will influence you without your own knowledge, subliminally.
But once on a while, you have to turn off your headphones and ask yourself, are they a good influence to me?

I love Reggae and hiphop, hiphop to most people is just bullshit music. That is because you’re listening to the wrong type of hiphop music. I listen to rappers like Nas, Immortal Technique, KRS ONE, 2pac, etc. They tell their fans to read, empower themselves, elevate their minds and spark creativity. There is a message in their songs while these new rappers, I don’t even know what I’m listening to.

One of the legendary rappers I love is KRS ONE. KRS ONE stands for (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), he once said “Hiphop has the ability to corrupt minds, it also has the ability uplift them”.
See the power of hiphop?
Hiphop can corrupt your mind through the messages in the songs, songs that advocate the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. While it can also uplift you through songs about empowerment and such which will be highlighted below.

Rapper Immortal Technique is one of my favorites, you’ll see my quoting him a lot, he’s one of the most underrated rappers of all time, he speaks knowledge in most of his songs. I like his music because most of his lyrics address political and social issues. You can tell his lyrics are the results of in-depth study and research into issues before putting out records and the sad thing about him is that his music is grounded forever in the underground rap scene because most people don’t want to listen to enlightening hiphop, they want to listen to Gucci Gucci Gucci Gang and Skrrrtt Skkrrtt Pew Pew and all those non-sense on the mainstream. New school rappers which I’ve found their music to be interesting are J-Cole, Joyner Lucas and Locksmith
Their vocabulary is wide and varies unlike other rappers, especially the mumble ones who seem to repeat the same line for an entire verse.
One of the most important elements of Hiphop that has never been put into perspective is KNOWLEDGE which most rappers of today lack.
Rappers like 2pac spit pure knowledge in all their songs, listen to NAS from his album Illmatic, Listen to Biggie and Ice Cube and all them old school rappers.
2pac’s songs addressed contemporary social issues that plagued inner cities, and he is considered a symbol of resistance and activism against inequality and Police Brutality including N.W.A in their song “F xx tha Police”

Like Reggae, hiphop came from the bottom of the society, addressing issues like racism, class apartheid, social issues, political issues, etc.
Reggae artist and Bob Marley’s son, Damian Marley said “Hip-hop and Reggae come from the same community as far as class: they both come from the bottom of society!”

Reggae and hiphop came from the same roots that branched out.
We got reggae legends like Bob Marley and Lucky Dube, Dube who spoke out against Apartheid, Racial Discrimination and segregation. Bob Marley talked about Freedom from Mental Slavery, discrimination, decolonization, re-education, etc.
Their music addressed social and political issues that affected them during their time, which are still present today. Their songs were songs of hope, songs to uplift their people in times of crisis, songs of unity, songs that called for the abolition of colonial influences/power/systems in the black nations, they were REBELS. 2pac was a rebel, Thug Life ya

Remember Dube’s song “No Truth in the World”, there is no truth in the world today, no wonder why we got so many conspiracy theories and coming up with our own conclusions on a certain topic because the people who created the problem do not want to tell the truth. Scientists, politicians, pastors, everyone is fucking tell lies.

Lucky Dube at one of his concerts said these words, “Reggae music is a music with a message”, so if the music you listen to has no message in it, stop fucking listening to it!

Immortal Technique in his song Industrial Revolution said “So if your message ain’t shit, fuck the records you sold, Cuz if you go platinum, it’s got nothing to do with luck, It just means that a million people are stupid as fuck”
One of Lucy Dube’s lyrics went like this “Racial Discrimination, Tribal Discrimination”. Dube didn’t address just racial discrimination, he also addressed “Tribal Discrimination”, that is ethnic discrimination.
See how we’re discriminating against our own people? Understand that shit!
Remember Bob Marley’s lyrics in the song Buffalo Soldier, he says “When I analyze these things”, that tells you he was critical thinker, unlike some of these musicians who write non-sense and sing non-sense

Marley in his song The Redemption Song says “Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind” self education people, self education. Marley was preaching about the importance of self-education decades ago.

In PNG hiphop and Reggae scene, there are few who I have found their music appealing to the ears. Reggae artists like Anslom among others.

Shout out also to my homeboy, K Jr Kaze who spits knowledge on his tracks.
One of Kaze’s lines which is my favorite is “Destroy your culture and make you more submissive
And impose Religion, to teach you forgiveness, so you will look past the Oppression you witness”.
Yeah my homie, a Rigo Melo said that shit!

As far as Reggae and Hiphop is concerned, this isn’t just music, it is Education.

These people are the truth and their music will always be relevant! coz people like me will still be listening to them.


You might be wondering why I edited a pic of Marvel character Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Hon. Bryan Kramer, have a read.
I grew up reading comic books and later watched my favorite superheroes being portrayed on big screens and one of my favorite Marvel heroes is the Avengers character Tony Stark (Iron Man), the man has a deep hunger and thirst for knowledge.
Remember the scene from Avengers Part 1 where Stark walks into the room and starts talking Astrophysics and the female shield agent asks Stark when did he become an expert in Thermonuclear Astrophysics, Stark’s reply was “Last night” and upon seeing their confused faces because they don’t understand what he’s saying, goes on to say, “Am I the only one who did the reading?”.
That was after pointing out the guy who was playing Galaga game on the computer.

While all the superheroes were busy doing superhero stuff and what not, Stark was up all night reading, researching and educating himself on the topic, you all have watched the movie. When he entered the room, he was the smartest man in the room surrounded by dumb fuxks who knew nothing, except for Banner of course.

There’s a saying from our Lecturer when I was in school, “NO ONE HAS MONOPOLY OVER KNOWLEDGE”
We live in a age where vast amount of Knowledge and Information is readily made available to us on the internet and libraries, we must take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves. However, most of us choose to be ignorant. Nobody can bar you or stop you from learning about something, you are your own obstacle.
You may not be a scientist, economist, lawyer, etc, but you can read and learn more about a particular subject/topic, and when standing among people, you’re the smartest man in the room because you know some information that they don’t.

While Tony Stark is a fictional Marvel character, Bryan Kramer is not.
I’ve seen some posts criticizing Kramer and others praising him, as for me, I’ll say the man does his research, he doesn’t wait around for information to be handed to him. He goes, searches for information and educates himself on certain issues before entering the parliament or posting on his page. This can be seen from his posts and the way he debates issues on the floor of the parliament.
That’s what we all should be doing, educating ourselves. We have access to the internet 24/7, why not go online and read some useful materials from legitimate sites and be made aware and knowledgeable on certain topics of importance.

A Call to Action to Establish an Adoption Agency & Orphanage in Papua New Guinea

The abandoned baby was found dead near the Bumbu River in Lae, Morobe Province.

I came across this picture of an abandoned baby found dead beside the Bumbu river in Lae made me remember a commitment I wrote early last year, 2019 to Youth Against Corruption Open Government Partnership Design a Commitment competition

A Commitment to Address the Issue of Abortion & Child-Neglect in PNG
~A Call to Action to Establish an Adoption Agency & Orphanage in PNG

1. What is the issue of Governance that is affecting young people?
“Abortion and Child-Neglect”
• What is Abortion? A deliberate termination of pregnancy or the cessation of pregnancy or fetal development; a miscarriage.
• What is child-neglect? Failure of caretakers to provide adequate emotional and physical care for a child.
These two are most serious issues that is facing our young woman in PNG today, many young women today get pregnant outside of marriage at an early age while in school or at home, without family support and the notion of being a disgrace to their families and themselves, they turn to abortion to get rid of the “unwanted child”.

While some females tend abort the unborn child before the fetus fully develops, some are late and aborting a nearly fully developed fetus is dangerous and can cause complications to the young females (I’m no doctor but I’ll research further on that).

Some young females don’t feel like aborting the “unwanted child” but as the child develops, so does their fear. Many questions that has aroused among young females while having an “unexpected pregnancy” are “Who is going to take care of the child after it’s born?”, “I am still in school, how can I raise a child on my own”, “I wonder what my boyfriend will say when he finds out I haven’t aborted the child”, etc, etc.

These sorts of questions keep ringing in their minds and when they’re about to give birth, most of them do not go to the hospitals to deliver their child, instead they deliver their babies in rubbish dumps, inside the toilets, near recreational areas or even in the bushes.

What happens next? They abandon the child there. That is “Child-neglect”, knowing they cannot provide for the child and their families won’t accept a “bastard pikinini” they throw away the baby where they delivered it. Mind you, the child is not dead but alive, the newborn baby is covered in a piece of cloth or plastic and left to die or for someone to find and most babies that are found in dumpsters among garbage are dead, in some lucky instances, some babies are found alive.

What happens to the female after she has dumped the baby? The experience of delivering a child and throw it away while it’s still alive is traumatizing enough for her and she probably will carry the guilt with her all her life and until she makes peace with her past and the same can be said for abortion as well.

2. How can the issue be solved?

Awareness needs to be carried out among young females in schools, churches the issue on child abortion and child-neglect. Help and counselling needs to be provided for these young mothers by Social Workers/Counsellors.

The most important is establishing a “Adoption Service Agency” and a “Orphanage”

Adoption Service Agency: Through the Adoption Service Agency, we can find families who want to adopt a child and young mothers who want to give up their babies for adoption. We can facilitate the adoption of a child and a small fee to the mother to rebuild her life. Instead of aborting their child, they know that there is a family out there who want that child (scene from a movie)

Orphanage: In Western countries where they have established orphanages, females who cannot care for their child go in the night and leave their babies in front of door of the orphanages, ring the doorbell and flee (A scene from a movie). child is now safe under the care of the orphanages who raise them and also facilitate adoption through respective bodies.

In PNG, since we don’t have orphanages, the mothers dump the child for people to find. If we had an established orphanage, they would come and leave their child there.

The orphanage would care for and raise the child while waiting for a family to come and adopt him/her.

3. Who must be involved in solving the identified?

This needs of the involvement of the Government through the Department of Community development and Religion, Social Workers, Femili PNG, Department of Justice, Human Rights Defenders, Civil Societies and Churches, NGOs, National Child and Family Services Council under the Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015.

4. What steps can be taken to achieve your suggested solution?

Further research needs to be carried out on the issues through the Department of Community Development & Religion and NRI.

The “Child Adoption Agency” can be established and a “Orphanage” built with adequate funding under the National Child and Family Services Council which comes under the Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015, The Department of Justice to help draft laws on Adoption and facilitate the Legal documents and processes for adoption of a child.