A Call to Action to Establish an Adoption Agency & Orphanage in Papua New Guinea

The abandoned baby was found dead near the Bumbu River in Lae, Morobe Province.

I came across this picture of an abandoned baby found dead beside the Bumbu river in Lae made me remember a commitment I wrote early last year, 2019 to Youth Against Corruption Open Government Partnership Design a Commitment competition

A Commitment to Address the Issue of Abortion & Child-Neglect in PNG
~A Call to Action to Establish an Adoption Agency & Orphanage in PNG

1. What is the issue of Governance that is affecting young people?
“Abortion and Child-Neglect”
• What is Abortion? A deliberate termination of pregnancy or the cessation of pregnancy or fetal development; a miscarriage.
• What is child-neglect? Failure of caretakers to provide adequate emotional and physical care for a child.
These two are most serious issues that is facing our young woman in PNG today, many young women today get pregnant outside of marriage at an early age while in school or at home, without family support and the notion of being a disgrace to their families and themselves, they turn to abortion to get rid of the “unwanted child”.

While some females tend abort the unborn child before the fetus fully develops, some are late and aborting a nearly fully developed fetus is dangerous and can cause complications to the young females (I’m no doctor but I’ll research further on that).

Some young females don’t feel like aborting the “unwanted child” but as the child develops, so does their fear. Many questions that has aroused among young females while having an “unexpected pregnancy” are “Who is going to take care of the child after it’s born?”, “I am still in school, how can I raise a child on my own”, “I wonder what my boyfriend will say when he finds out I haven’t aborted the child”, etc, etc.

These sorts of questions keep ringing in their minds and when they’re about to give birth, most of them do not go to the hospitals to deliver their child, instead they deliver their babies in rubbish dumps, inside the toilets, near recreational areas or even in the bushes.

What happens next? They abandon the child there. That is “Child-neglect”, knowing they cannot provide for the child and their families won’t accept a “bastard pikinini” they throw away the baby where they delivered it. Mind you, the child is not dead but alive, the newborn baby is covered in a piece of cloth or plastic and left to die or for someone to find and most babies that are found in dumpsters among garbage are dead, in some lucky instances, some babies are found alive.

What happens to the female after she has dumped the baby? The experience of delivering a child and throw it away while it’s still alive is traumatizing enough for her and she probably will carry the guilt with her all her life and until she makes peace with her past and the same can be said for abortion as well.

2. How can the issue be solved?

Awareness needs to be carried out among young females in schools, churches the issue on child abortion and child-neglect. Help and counselling needs to be provided for these young mothers by Social Workers/Counsellors.

The most important is establishing a “Adoption Service Agency” and a “Orphanage”

Adoption Service Agency: Through the Adoption Service Agency, we can find families who want to adopt a child and young mothers who want to give up their babies for adoption. We can facilitate the adoption of a child and a small fee to the mother to rebuild her life. Instead of aborting their child, they know that there is a family out there who want that child (scene from a movie)

Orphanage: In Western countries where they have established orphanages, females who cannot care for their child go in the night and leave their babies in front of door of the orphanages, ring the doorbell and flee (A scene from a movie). child is now safe under the care of the orphanages who raise them and also facilitate adoption through respective bodies.

In PNG, since we don’t have orphanages, the mothers dump the child for people to find. If we had an established orphanage, they would come and leave their child there.

The orphanage would care for and raise the child while waiting for a family to come and adopt him/her.

3. Who must be involved in solving the identified?

This needs of the involvement of the Government through the Department of Community development and Religion, Social Workers, Femili PNG, Department of Justice, Human Rights Defenders, Civil Societies and Churches, NGOs, National Child and Family Services Council under the Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015.

4. What steps can be taken to achieve your suggested solution?

Further research needs to be carried out on the issues through the Department of Community Development & Religion and NRI.

The “Child Adoption Agency” can be established and a “Orphanage” built with adequate funding under the National Child and Family Services Council which comes under the Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015, The Department of Justice to help draft laws on Adoption and facilitate the Legal documents and processes for adoption of a child.

One thought on “A Call to Action to Establish an Adoption Agency & Orphanage in Papua New Guinea

  1. Jessica USAPUNA May 26, 2020 / 5:55 pm

    I have always wanted to help out in any thing that is related to the welfare of children, it either be adoption or an orphan home, I am just a student at Divine Word University and but my home is in POM, if anyone needs a hand in help sorting out staffs i would really like to help.

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