You might be wondering why I edited a pic of Marvel character Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Hon. Bryan Kramer, have a read.
I grew up reading comic books and later watched my favorite superheroes being portrayed on big screens and one of my favorite Marvel heroes is the Avengers character Tony Stark (Iron Man), the man has a deep hunger and thirst for knowledge.
Remember the scene from Avengers Part 1 where Stark walks into the room and starts talking Astrophysics and the female shield agent asks Stark when did he become an expert in Thermonuclear Astrophysics, Stark’s reply was “Last night” and upon seeing their confused faces because they don’t understand what he’s saying, goes on to say, “Am I the only one who did the reading?”.
That was after pointing out the guy who was playing Galaga game on the computer.

While all the superheroes were busy doing superhero stuff and what not, Stark was up all night reading, researching and educating himself on the topic, you all have watched the movie. When he entered the room, he was the smartest man in the room surrounded by dumb fuxks who knew nothing, except for Banner of course.

There’s a saying from our Lecturer when I was in school, “NO ONE HAS MONOPOLY OVER KNOWLEDGE”
We live in a age where vast amount of Knowledge and Information is readily made available to us on the internet and libraries, we must take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves. However, most of us choose to be ignorant. Nobody can bar you or stop you from learning about something, you are your own obstacle.
You may not be a scientist, economist, lawyer, etc, but you can read and learn more about a particular subject/topic, and when standing among people, you’re the smartest man in the room because you know some information that they don’t.

While Tony Stark is a fictional Marvel character, Bryan Kramer is not.
I’ve seen some posts criticizing Kramer and others praising him, as for me, I’ll say the man does his research, he doesn’t wait around for information to be handed to him. He goes, searches for information and educates himself on certain issues before entering the parliament or posting on his page. This can be seen from his posts and the way he debates issues on the floor of the parliament.
That’s what we all should be doing, educating ourselves. We have access to the internet 24/7, why not go online and read some useful materials from legitimate sites and be made aware and knowledgeable on certain topics of importance.

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