Illegal Economic Activities (Unregulated and Uncontrolled by the Government)

Any economic activity that the government does not benefit from is illegal, for instance the informal sector. The informal sector is unregulated and therefore cannot be taxed by the government so the government labels informal economic activities as illegal.

More than 60% of the country’s population are in the informal sector. Informal sector includes the street markets and other activities you see Papua New Guineans are involved in daily. The government and its bodies like ICCC cannot regulate the prices of the goods sold in the informal sector, only the people in the informal sector have the power to control the prices of their goods. Hence the government has no control and authority in the informal sector.

The power lies with the people.

One can say those in the informal economy are their own bosses, no one owns them. They work for their own survival, not to build business but to put food on the table at the end of the day.

Since the SoE as declared, the government has placed a banned on all informal activities, engaging the police to crack down on the people participating in the informal economy.

But why is it called an “Informal Sector/Economy”?
An informal economy is an economy that the government and its bodies has no control or influence over, thus it is not officially recognized by the government.
Like I said in the opening line, any economic activity is only illegal if the government doesn’t not control it and benefit from it. The government gets no dime from the buai sales man.

Why is the Informal sector illegal?
It is illegal because the government says it is. The government says it is illegal to have a source of income. In other words, the government wants you to suffer. They do not care about your hustle and struggle. They do not feel your pain; your suffering does not affect them because they do not benefit from your economic activity.

If illegal logging was affected, this would affect the government because they benefit from illegal logging. Moni blo RH save go lo back pocket blo ol politician.

One must understand that “We do not need the government; the government needs us”. The government in their cunning ways makes us think and believe that we need them for our day to day survival, the government needs people to need them. They want the people to be reliant on the government, they do not want an independent people, because self-reliant people do not give a fuck about the government, people in the informal sector can sustain themselves with whatever means necessary and the government does not like that and thus cracks down on their means of survival.

To make the people reliant on the government, they take our source of income. Money is power, if you control someone’s money or source of money, you control their lives. That is what it means when the government says they want to regulate the informal economy. They want to be able to influence it and control it. That way, they can control the people, the 60% of the population in the informal economy.

See, when the people source of income is taken away and when they cannot sustain themselves, the government then steps in and becomes the hero by providing band aid solutions to their problems, they then forget about who cause the problems they are facing and they go down and worship the ground these politicians walk on.

Let us look at the government’s “Food Bank Program” which was rolled out recently, the program’s aim to feed the unfortunate, that program my friends is a band aid solution and another one of those sleek moves to make it look like they are doing something.

Let me tell you that these unfortunate people are not so unfortunate, in fact they are fortunate enough to have the informal economy, they have their means of survival, they have their source of income, they are the ‘Informal Sector’ until the government came and made them the unfortunate people we read of in the newspapers.

The government then steps in, like I mentioned above as the hero to save the day with their lousy programs.

When did earning a living become illegal, when did it become illegal to make money to support yourself and your family?
Only the government can make your economic activities illegal and make you suffer.

What about illegal logging? well some people in the government are benefiting from it so it’s not so illegal aye?

How about our small people in operating SME’s?
Foreign corporations killing SME’s in the country is NOT so illegal cos sampla money go insait lo pocket blo gavman irrehh farkia!

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