Rat Glue Trap

A few days ago, I set a rat glue trap lo catch the rats who have been stealing food from the kitchen and eating through things in the house.
Last night, a huge rat got stuck in the trap but I couldn’t bring myself to kill it so I let it go, I watched as it dragged himself into the flower garden.
Tonight, another big rat got stuck in the trap. I quickly grabbed a long piece of wood when I heard it squealing. I went to where the trap was and there it was, arms and feet stucked in the glue, I noticed it was a male as its big balls were hanging out. I thought well I let one go yesterday but I’m killing this one tonight to teach this rats a lesson.

As I was about to plant the wood on his back, he looked at me and gave that “Have mercy, mercy please” look. I was about to put the wood down and set it free but all of a sudden, a cold anger overcame me when I remembered the times he and his tribesman stole food from our kitchen and ate through our belongings and with the words
“Crime does not pay”, I brought down the wood on him and broke his back, he gave a faint squeal and died.

I felt like a big man having killed a thief but that sense of pride went away quickly and in its place, came guilt. A great sense of guilt fell upon me as I stared down at the lifeless body of the rat still stuck in the glue, I killed a defenseless rat, where is the honor in that?, It was like kicking a man while he’s down or shooting a man who is blindfolded or stabbing a man with his arms tied behind his back.
He couldn’t defend himself, I felt like a coward. A overwhelming sadness and sorrow crept in as I remembered his family, he must have been a hardworking father who was just grinding so he could feed his family and here I felt like an ass killing the provider and head of a family who was defenseless and helpless. I bet his family heard his squealing, I bet
the mother told her children to cover their ears so as not to hear their dad’s suffering. I bet in his final moments, the rat had in family in mind. I remember the rat’s faint squeal before moving on to the afterlife.

It must have been a warning to his family, to keep away from the sticky stuff that had food on it for it was a trap.

Shame, that’s what I felt. Poor creature, he had a long life o live, he probably had enough sperm in him to produce another thousand rats but I took that away from him.
Guilt made me pick him up gently, covered him with an A4 paper, went outside and beside the flowers, dug a shallow grave and there, I gave him a proper burial fitting for a hustler.
I know his family were watching from a safer distance as I lay him into the dirt for my sixth sense told me there were people watching.

I hope none of you get caught in the trap, stay in your holes or avoid the glue if you ever come out. I do not want to take an innocent life, I’m not a barbarian or a savage. I was not cut out for taking a life, whether it be human or animal. Do not put me in a awkward situation.

I don’t wanna kill nobody’s father. mother or son, There must be kinder dispositions in far off gentler lands free of carnage where both creatures of nature can coexist peacefully.

I know the warnings are clear, to the rat tribe who lost a family member tonight, I know you’re in mourning and probably plotting a revenge/ payback and some of you are probably reading this post. I know what you all are capable of, I’ve watched
Ratatouille and Flushed Away including every other Movies that involved rats, I know you all capable of doing things we humans do. I know you are on Facebook too. Read this post and take precautions.

This is a true story!

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