The Woodlark Islanders and Landowners need to be EDUCATED on ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION

I find the landowners laughable.No wonder we’re treated like shit on our own land.
In the article about the kit homes for the Landowners, Woodlark Relocation Committee chairman Bosco Lapis said “These kit homes are no match to our local homes built with bush materials, these homes are a joke”.
“We want designs comparable to our Melanesian society and constructed with materials that can be easily maintained by us, our children and their children when the mine ends.”

The thing is that we already have all the things we need to survive on the land we are living on, we have forests to feed us and provide trees for our homes, homes made from bush materials that are suitable to our environment and can be maintained easily. But it seems we’re not satisfied with what we have at hand and thus look for people to come and build our homes with modern materials. We give them our resources in return, we give them the right to plunder and destroy our vegetation; forests and rivers.

When the mine ends, you will not have anything to fall back on. In a article published by Monga Bay, it stated that “the island and its unique inhabitants have an uncertain future. Lured by high-value timber, a logging company is planning to clear 40 per cent of Woodlark’s forests”. Half of the forest on the island will be gone in the next 10 to 20 years
The mine is also expected to result in increased road construction and discharge nearly 13 metric tons of mining waste into a nearby bay. Thus destroying the marine life and waterways.

The people and landowners of Woodlark Island must be educated about the impacts of mining and logging on their island.
The mine will do more damage to the environment destroying the forests and wildlife on the island.
According Fred Kraus, a herpetologist at the University of Michigan, Woodlark island is home to 7 endemic frogs on the island, 5 endemic lizards, 2 endemic snakes, 1 endemic marsupial, and 12 endemic plants, found nowhere else on Earth. Truly a “Biological Jewel”
Those plants and animals will vanish on the face of earth when the mine kicks off.

The landowners however are only interested and concerned about how the homes built by GeoPacific will be “maintained by them, their children and their children when the mine ends.”
What they should be concerned about is preserving and conserving their environment for their children and their children.

Talking about relocation, it’s funny how we let foreigners and corporations move and push us easily around from the land our ancestors have dwell on for generations. The landowners talking about Melanesian society, they must also know that the Melanesian Philosophy says that we’re one with our surroundings, our environment. We’re the guardians of our land. We must not stand by and watch while greedy multinational criminals working together
with your government destroy your land and forests and marine life/ waterways.

If the Woodlark Islanders were smart, they would fight against the Mine and Logging on their island like how the Sepiks are fighting to stop Frieda Mine from destroying the Mighty Sepik River, the home of the croc and the liveihood of the people along the Sepik River.

The first move was to reject the kit homes, the home-run would be to kick out the miners and loggers.
The government has failed repeatedly to protect the interests of its people. When the government does not protect the interest of the people, we know it serves the interest of multinational criminal (MNC’s).

You have rejected the kit homes, now reject the mine.


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