Give Ok Tedi back to the people, or at least give them a big piece of the pie

The Ok Tedi Gold and Copper Mine has been in operation since 1985

One of Papua New Guinea’s biggest Gold and Copper Mine Ok Tedi will be shutting down operations in 2025. Western Province Governor Taboi Awi Yoto made a call that I believe is also the call of the people of Western Province to the Prime Minister to return the mine to the people.
The Governor asked the National Government to give the 66 percent of shares to the people of Western who have missed out on their resources.

Prime Minister James Marape agreed that the mine has no permanent legacies in the Province in terms of infrastructure and human development but said that the revenue generated from the resources must be shared equitably as stated in the Constitution.

I have to agree with the Governor and call on the National Government to hand over the 66 percent or at least some of it so they can develop themselves and prepare for the closing of one of PNG’s biggest mines.

The only permanent legacies of the mine in Western Province is the environmental destruction that killed the Fly River and is affecting the people.

The people of Western must now rise up and demand their fair share from the exploitation of their resources.
They must also demand compensation from the lasting environmental destructions.